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Javea Yoga Studio

Magali opened Javea Yoga Studio in November 2013 & moved to a larger space in June 2018

JAVEA YOGA STUDIO offers you group & private classes to get the most from this ancient practice.
Stretch and strengthen your whole body whilst learning to breathe correctly and arrive at a place of deep relaxation and rest.
Find a time that suits you or book in for a private class or therapeutic class if you have a specific injury/ailment.
We also offer Aromatherapy massage, Acupuncture and Craniosacral therapy treatments with highly experienced therapists to help you to come to a place of heightened wellbeing.



  • YOGA Classes
  • Prices


Monday,wednesday & Friday:

  • 9:30am - Dynamic Yoga
  • 11:15am - Gentle Yoga

Monday & Wednesday:

  • 6:00pm Evening class



  • 1:00pm

Monthly prices:

  • 1 class a week: 33€
  • 2 classes a week: 65€
  • 3 classes a week: 89€

Weekly prices:

  • 1 class a week: 9.50€
  • 2 classes a week: 18€
  • 3 classes a week: 26€

Yoga Mat hire: 1€

Are you looking for a really good yoga mat? We sell GreatGrip German high quality eco-friendly mats for you to have the best possible yoga practice. Try one before deciding. Of all our students who have bought one over the years, none has ever gone on to buy another mat.

Individual class:

  • 9.50€ / class

Private classes:

  • 36€ / class
  • 3-pack: 99€
  • 5-pack: 150€


As the basis of Acupuncture, Shen Nung theorized that the body had an energy force running throughout it, known as Qi. The Qi consists of all essential life activities which include the spiritual, emotional, mental and the physical aspects of life. The flow of Qi in the body of a person influence its health. Qi travels throughout the body along “Meridians” or special pathways. The Meridians, (or Channels), are the same on both sides of the body (paired).

The acupuncture points are specific locations where the Meridians come to the surface of the skin, and are easily accessible by “needling,” Moxibustion, and Acupressure. The connections between them ensure that there is an even circulation of Qi, a balance between Yin and Yang.

  • Acupuncture

  • Craniosacral
  • Deep-Tissue

Ancient healing for modern times.
Magali Trained at London School of Acupuncture (University of Westminster) from 1993-1996 and then at Kunming Hospital (Yunnan, China) from Sep- Dec 1996. She has worked since 1994 at:
London School of Acupuncture Student Clinic,
Private Practice in Javea & Valencia,
Acuario maternity hospital
IREMA Ivf clinic.

Treatments last approx. 1 hour and costs 45€
Make an appointment calling Magali:
(+34) 647 541 034

Deeply relaxing & profoundly healing. Magali trained with Robert Harris & Maria Harris at the European School of Craniosacral therapy, (2002-2005), She then went on to work as both interpretor and assistant on 3 more courses . Craniosacral therapy is highly recommended for babies but is suitable for all. The session costs 50€.
Make an appointment calling Magali(+34) 647 541 034

The healing power of touch. Magali is trained in ITEC Therapeutic massage (1994) and uses blended essential oils to give you the most personalized treatment.
Treatments last approx. 55 mins and costs 40€. With your monthly yoga classes: 35/30/25€.
Make an appointment calling Magali
(+34) 647 541 034

Yoga Holidays

What does the Holiday include:

  • 5 yoga sessions
  • 2 aromatherapy massages
  • 1 paddlesurf class

Personalize your yoga week: Choose your 10 yoga sessions, your 4 aromatherapy massage sessions, and your paddlesurf sessions.
Book your flight early to get the best price, book in at the Miramar hotel, and start looking forward to a great yoga holiday. Available from 1st september until the 30th June each year.

How to Book your Yoga holiday

  1. Book your flights
  2. Book into the Miramar hotel
  3. Contact us with your dates: yoginimag@gmail.com or call (34) 647 54 10 34
  4. Decide which yoga/massage/ paddlesurf options you are choosing and let us know.

And that's it! Couldnt be easier.

Our instructors

Magali Fradet Carim Medell

Owner Javea Yoga

Yoga instructor

Magali Fradet started practising Iyengar yoga at the Brighton Buddhist Centre in 1991. She was introduced to Astanga Vinyasa Yoga at Rivendell Retreat Centre in 1996, and to Godfrey Devereaux's style of Dynamic Yoga in 2001. She trained from 2004 until 2009 to teach with Carlos Rui in Valencia, (cpyoga.com) completing the teacher training & advanced teacher training courses. As an acupuncturist, massage therapist, and craniosacral therapist, she has a deep understanding of biomechanics (how the body moves) and knowledge of how to help all students, from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. Magali loves teaching hatha yoga, and tries to do her very best in every class, whilst always learning more about yoga and about teaching. She is able to work competently with pregnancy and therapeutic yoga to help bring the body back towards balance. She has been organising workshops and retreats since 1999.

Contact Us

Javea yoga studio, Javea port
  • Find us at our new location from June 2018
    C/Cristo del Mar 29, Javea Port, 03730
  • 647 541 034
  • yoginimag@gmail.com