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JAVEA YOGA STUDIO offers you group & private classes to get the most from this ancient practice 

Stretch and strengthen your whole body whilst learning to breathe correctly and arrive at a place of deep relaxation and rest.

Find a time that suits you or book in for a private class or therapeutic class if you have a specific injury/ailment. We also offer Aromatherapy massage, Acupuncture and Craniosacral therapy treatments with highly experienced therapists to help you to come to a place of heightened wellbeing.

YOGA classes for ALL LEVELS

John says…

“Since adopting a regular yoga practice I feel healthier, lighter & stronger”

Julia says…

“I love yoga because it makes me think about my body & mind. It brings me the peace & tranquility that I search for. It simply makes me smile!”

Bella says…

“Yoga has made me fitter, stronger and slimmer. I love it!”

PILATES to strengthen your back & abs

We can assist you to recover from an injury, build your strength, minimise the impact of a chronic condition, or improve and maintain your general health and fitness.

Book in for a private class to suit your needs or join our group class.

YOGA classes in Javea’s Port for ALL LEVELS

  ASTANGA     8:15am  YOGA    8:30am  ASTANGA     8:15am    
YOGA     10am   YOGA      10am   YOGA        10am YOGA      11am
    YOGA        4pm   PILATES    12:15pm  
  KIDS' CLASS    5pm   ZUMBA      7pm YOGA    6:30pm  

Payment is made in the first week of each month. Missed classes can be caught up within the same calendar month


- 2 class voucher : 10€
- 3 class voucher : 12€

Monthly YOGA & PILATES prices
- 1 class    / week : 30€
- 2 classes / week : 50€
- 3 classes / week : 70€

Other prices
- Kids' class : 5€
- Zumba : 5€

Individual class: 8€/class

Private classes: 22€/class